Case Study: Hamilton Casework Solutions

Ojmar Case Study Hamilton Caseworks

Case Study: Hamilton Casework Solutions


Times are changing and so have the ways we work. The office space for many employees and employers alike has become a ‘shared’ environment rather like a short stay hotel, where people drop in, use the facilities for a few days and may not visit again for perhaps weeks or months.

Ojmar Electronics keypad lock on Square White lockers for office
Ojmar Electronics keypad lock on Square White lockers

A New York based International Professional Services firm with corporate offices throughout the US and overseas needed to meet the challenge of a large mobile workforce travelling between offices and the need to provide easily accessible workspaces. This vitally included personal locker space for guest employees as the one storage place they could use exclusively and safely during their brief visit.

About Hamilton Casework Solutions
Hamilton Casework Solutions, where custom design is their standard, manufactures lockers for clients across the country. When working with their partner, Ojmar US, they were able to create a flexible workspace that was safe and secure for employee belongings.

One of the critical design features and challenges when servicing a fluid workforce is to ensure that when guest workers arrive at the building they could locate a space and a secure locker to store belongings whilst at the facility quickly and efficiently and get on with their day at the office.

Ojmar OCS PRO How to use Sticker

A simple how to use sticker on the inside of each locker


  • Simple ‘open concept’ which could be translated and replicated in all the other regional/ International offices to ensure familiarity and quick acceptance by staff, based on a digital keypad.
  • They did not want to rely on additional credentials ie bracelets, cards, fobs, ble devices etc to activate locks: thereby simplifying management and user experience.
  • A contemporary sleek design, easily cleaned and sanitized.
  • Locks to be in ‘free’ mode so anyone could secure and use a lock if available but also wanted the lock to be flexible to switch to ‘assigned’ mode so workers permanently based at an office could secure a locker for long term use.
  • Easily Managed. Managers are able to open locks with an electronic wireless E-Key* if required or a 6 digit master code.
  • Audit Capability – They needed the ability to audit when required the opening and closing of the lock to monitor activity.
  • Required quick visual availability status ie locker free or occupied which the OCS®PRO gives with red LED (occupied)
  • Low maintenance – stand alone system with up to five years battery life.
Ojmar Electronic Master key

4 in 1 *E-key; Master + ADA + Program + Audit – Key

Ojmar LED Indicator RED

LED Status Indicator

The OCS®PRO checked in on all counts meeting all the requirements and more! The OCS®PRO which is now being rolled out to all other facilities matched with the Hamilton Casework Solutions Lockers for this and many more clients. The office ‘hotel’ is moving with the times and Ojmar with their partner Hamilton Casework Solutions are here to help make the stay more productive, effective and secure.

About Ojmar
Ojmar are an international designer, manufacturer and supplier of locker and furniture locking solutions, established in 1920. For more information on the OCS®PRO and other electronic or mechanical locking solutions please contact us.

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