OTS®20 Batteryless

Introducing The First RFID Lock That Powers Itself

Meet the OTS®20 Batteryless

No batteries. No wires. No maintenance.

The OTS®20 Batteryless electronic lock offers battery-free operation, RFID access, enhanced security, water resistant, impact resistant, and eco-friendliness. Easy to install. Easy to use.

Winner of 2 Best of Neocon Awards for Innovation and Sustainability.
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Key Features

Maximum Security, Minimal Design

Network-free, Stand-alone Technology

Push Power Technology

Simple, intuitive user operation
No codes to be remembered or forgotten.
Door material compatibility
Suitable for phenolic, glass, metal, HPL, Melamine doors.
No batteries required
Zero maintenance.
Non handed, suitable for all orientations: LH, RH or Vertical.
No external wiring
Cost effective installation and flexibility.
NFC programmer, PC software, Desktop reader, and Power override.
Manufactured from fully recyclable components.
Multi RFID Technology
Compatible with Mifare Classic, adaptable for Mifare Ultralight and Mifare Desfire.
Public and Private Mode
Same lock can be set up for shared or personal use.
Minimalist Design
Attractive subtle, clean design.
Certified IP55 Rating
Excellent water, moisture and dust resistance. Completely sealed.
Intuitive Use
Simple, push button knob to operate.
Heavy-Duty, Sturdy Construction
High level IK09 certified impact resilient.
Lock Status Indicator
Visually identifies battery status and if locker is free or occupied.
Fully configurable by end customer
Access permission assignments via software. 3rd party SW integration via SDK option.

Advanced Security

Wet Are Compatible

Sturdy Construction

RFID Technology

Keyless Operation

No Batteries

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Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Power SupplySelf-powered by Push Power technology.
Communication InterfaceMIFARE (DESFire EV1 & EV2, Ultralight, Ultralight C, Classic1K/4K 4B and 7B UID – ISO/IEC 14443) 
Temperature Range-10OC/60OC. 14OF/140OF.
Water & Dust ResistanceIP55.
External Impact ResistanceIK09.
Internal Impact ResistanceIK09.
HandingNon handed, suitable for all orientations: LH, RH or Vertical.

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