When It Comes to Swimming Pool Lockers...
You Can’t Tread Water

Update your pool locker locks for today’s users

Society has undergone a sea change in the last few years, and the ripples still reverberate in the aquatics industry. Users are more concerned with health and hygiene issues. That creates extra maintenance, but by whom? Staffing has become much more difficult post-pandemic.

There’s another change in the wind, too, one that could be beneficial for the aquatics industry. America’s getting older.The Urban Institute estimates that the number of Americans ages 65 and older will more than double over the next 40 years, reaching 80 million in 2040.  Swimming and water exercise is recommended for seniors by everyone from AARP to cardiovascular physicians.  Older adults may well be the next big wave of pool-users.

The trick now is to make swimming pools and their surrounding areas hygienic, easy to maintain, and accessible to all users. Ojmar can help.

Think safety first!

We’re addressing pool locker lock hygiene here (though, “walk, don’t run,” is also good advice). Ojmar can help you maintain a healthier aquatic environment in two ways:

  1. Easy-clean hygienic touch keypads. Our combination lock and all our electronic locks boast wipe-clean keypads that make maintenance easy (more on that later). 
  2. Contactless locks. Our smart locks offer the ultimate in germ protection, as users don’t have to touch the locks at all. 
Ojmar OTS Advance RFID Locker Lock

Make a splash with staff.

Keep your team happy: Reduce pool room locker maintenance. How?

  • Employ locks with the best battery-life in the business—up to 7 years! Our locks are built to save battery use and the time spent changing them.
  • Offer staff information. All our battery-operated locks also have low-battery indicators, saving staff the hassle of checking batteries or helping users with battery-dead lockers. Many of Ojmar’s locks also let staff access an audit trail, so they know who used lockers when.
  • Upgrade from mechanical locks to electronic locks. Save staff the hassle of lost keys or forgotten combinations.
  • Thwart locker hogs. Ojmar’s OCS®SMART and OTS®ADVANCE pool locker locks can be timed to open at a certain hour, ensuring that lockers are available to all.
  • Install locks that work—and last. All Ojmar’s locks—mechanical and electronic—are assembled in Europe, of quality materials, by a company that’s bene in business for a century. We build locks that last.

Install pool locker locks that work for everyone

Ojmar’s locks are ADA-compliant and easy to use. An integrated handle ensures that people can open them with one hand (a boon for people carrying lots of gear, too). Larger buttons are easier to see and simpler to manipulate. Even our combination locks have accessories available to assist users with disabilities. These attributes make them perfect for everyone—from seniors attending water aerobics classes to young families using water park lockers.

We’ll get along swimmingly

How do we know for sure? Because we offer a consultative approach. We work with you to give you the right product at the right time, and then work with you as you grow. We think that’s even more important in these quickly changing times. Let us show you how we can equip your pool locker rooms for the future. Contact us today.