Bluetooth Locks: BLE Security To Lock Your Valuables

Secure locks are no longer the traditional dial combination locks or padlocks. Instead, current technology allows much safer locks in the form of digital locks, Bluetooth locks, mechanical locks, and smart locks. Low-Energy Bluetooth (BLE) locks can create added security.

When you leave valuable items in a locker, whether at a gym, a workplace, a residential building, or a business, you want to be confident that they are secure. As a manager of a facility or building like this, you can make customers, employees, and visitors feel more comfortable by improving security. Installing Bluetooth locker locks uses the newest locking technology for strong protection.

Why You Need To Change Your Security Measures ?

Locker rooms, whether in health clubs, gyms, or other fitness centers, are common targets for theft. In some cases, this is because items are entirely unsecured. Other times, customers wrongly believe that a standard lock is sufficient against theft. Because of privacy, gyms rarely have security cameras in locker rooms, making it much easier for someone to steal valuables.

When there is less traffic in the locker room, a person may be able to pick a lock or even use bolt cutters on the lock shackle. They may end up raising very little suspicion from the rest of the fitness center.

Your customers will be pleased with the greater security provided by installing Bluetooth smart locks on lockers. This will make theft much more difficult and provide more effective security.

Black OTS Advance Bluetooth RFID electronic locker lock

The Benefits of Bluetooth Locker Locks

Bluetooth smartlocks have many security benefits when compared to standard padlocks.

  1. Difficult to Break Into. Keys and key cards can be duplicated or copied, while standard locks can be picked. Bluetooth smart BLE locks are connected to E-Keys or your phones, making it harder for thieves to copy.
  2. Remote Access. Smart locks with Bluetooth allow you to access locks remotely, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock or getting locked out of your locker. Facility managers don’t have to deal with the hassle of opening a hoarded, abandoned, or keyless locker because they have remote management.
  3. Real-time Lock Monitoring. Bluetooth locks let you see when the lock was accessed, so you know if someone unauthorized used the lock. This is good data for security, but it can also be useful for facility managers. If you operate a locker room for your gym, it’s useful to know when there are high-traffic locker jams.

How Does Bluetooth Low Energy Work?

Bluetooth Low Energy offers similar wireless features as Bluetooth but operates on lower power. BLE devices consume lower power by being in standby mode or sleep mode until they receive a signal. When they create a connection, it’s only for a few seconds of communication. Bluetooth is made to constantly communicate large amounts of data. This enables these BLE devices to last longer, and they can last for five or more years on a coin cell battery.

BLE works on the same 2.4 GHz ISM band as Bluetooth but uses different channels and a frequency shift modulation to create less interference. Its low power means it works more slowly and can’t transfer as much, but this makes it perfect for smart devices, localized marketing, indoor and small-range tracking, and item tags. BLE connections are end-to-end encrypted, have a limited window, and a limited range, making them very secure.

Bluetooth Locks vs. Alternative Locks

Bluetooth RFID locks are much safer and more secure than many other standard padlock types. Padlocks, traditional dial combination locks, and TSA-approved locks each have lock shackles. This makes it simple to use bolt cutters to remove them during low-traffic locker room hours. Disc padlocks are made to be harder to cut but can still be removed with bolt cutters with enough care.

Each of these locks can be picked or opened with a copy or master key. Standard padlocks are one of the easiest locks to pick, and dial combination locks have override locks on them. If a thief has the skill and time, they can even scroll through a combination lock, listening for the clicking of the locking mechanism, and guess the combination.

TSA-approved locks are some of the least secure. The reason they are approved is that TSA staff carry with them master locks to be able to easily open these locks to inspect luggage. These master keys are commercially available.

A Bluetooth smartlock is keyless and, therefore, can’t be picked. You have access remotely and through a keypad override. These locks provide security for your valuables while being easy for you to access.

Smarter Locker Solutions

If you’re looking for secure RFID or Bluetooth locks, Ojmar offers high-quality solutions. Our Bluetooth locker locks enable you, as a manager, complete control over the locks in your facility, making things more convenient for you.


The OCS Smart is a Bluetooth-enabled lock that is touchless and offers touchpad override. Easy to install and highly secure, it has a sleek design that fits great on locker doors and interior and exterior doors. The lock has a certified IP55 rating, and it has resistance to dust, water, and moisture. If your facility is a gym or fitness location, this can be especially useful. With five and a half years of battery life and advanced management features, this lock is sure to provide you and your customer with lasting security.


The OTS Advance is a highly secure lock with more than ten years of battery life, making it one of the longest-lasting locks on the market. It uses RFID technology and allows you to write, program, update, and rewrite keys in real-time.

Ojmar provides our customers with durable and secure Bluetooth smart locks, and we have 100 years of experience with secure locking systems. When you need high-quality and long-lasting digital locks, contact Ojmar. We can offer you a quote for upgrading your locks. You could be improving locker rooms in an office building, other business, gym, or residential building. We’ve got your security covered.