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The Bluetooth enabled OCS®SMART is a revolutionary locker lock offering both touchless and touchpad operation. Simply download the OCS®SMART user and/or maintenance apps and operate the lock with your smart phone or device. As a backup- or to store your smart device within the locker- use the wipe-clean hygienic touchpad. With an easy, cable-free installation or OCS retrofit, the OCS®SMART is the ideal locker lock for a healthier, more efficient operation. Now that’s smart locking.

✓ Touchless operation
✓ Easy and quick cable free installation or retrofit
✓ Wipe clean, hygienic touchpad
✓ SMART user and maintenance app enabled
✓ Hi-tech, slimline design

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Key Features

Use your phone to operate and manage locks

Advanced management features

Unrivaled quality, performance and capabilities

Touchless Operation
Bluetooth enabled for a touch-free operation via your smart device.
Certified IP55 Rating
Excellent water, moisture and dust resistance. Sealed on front and back.
Touch Keypad
Durable, easy-clean, hygienic touch keypad provides a backup means of access when your smart device is unavailable.
Upgraded Design
Attractive thinner, sleek design
Extended Battery Life
Up to 5 1/2 years: the best in the industry!
Low Battery Warning
Low battery detection via Apps and indicator on lock. Emergency override capability for peace of mind.
Public and Private Mode
Each lock features dual functionality and can be set up for shared or personal use.
Lock Status Indicator
Visually identifies if locker is free or occupied.
Lock fits LH or RH doors.
Digital Master Key
Remotely assign management access to authorized personnel.
Integrated Keypad Capabilities
Settings can be changed directly on keypad.
ADA Compliant
Integrated handle and automatic opening via user app to assist users with disabilities.
Integrated Pull Handle
Facilitates easy door opening (flush, no handle option available).
Finish Options
Graphite, White, Silver

Built-in Bluetooth

Antibacterial + Antiviral

Advanced Security

2 User Modes

Keyless Operation

Sturdy Construction

Advanced Capabilities

ADA Compliant

Wet Area Compatible

Product Options




Bluetooth Locks for Gyms and
Corporate Offices

OCS®SMART for Fitness

OCS®SMART for Office

OCS®SMART User Guide

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Authentication methodBluetooth or Keypad
Particle & Water Resistance RatingCertified IP55 (Suitable for wet and dry areas).
Impact RatingIK09 rated. Protected against high (10 joules) impact.
Power Supply4 Alkaline 1.5v AA batteries.
Battery LifetimeUp to 5 1/2 years.
Reading distanceUp to 1m (between phone and lock)
Weight453 g (E-17.5 long screws)
Door ThicknessAccommodates doors up to 28mm, (1 11/10″) thick.
Temperature Range-10 Cº to +42 Cº.
HandingNon handed, suitable for RH or LH doors.

Product Support

Product Info Sheet

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Architectural Spec

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CAD Drawings

CAD Drawing | Handle

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CAD Drawing | No Handle

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Technical Videos

OCS Smart FAQs

If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial property security, Bluetooth locks are a great choice. Ojmar OCS Smart Locks offer convenience and peace of mind with features like intuitive installation process, advanced authentication methods for secure access control, privacy that meets industry regulations and standards, competitive pricing plus cost-effective maintenance plans – all verified by glowing reviews from satisfied customers. Discover more about this leading provider today!

Ojmar OCS Smart locks are the ideal choice for anyone seeking a secure and convenient way to manage access. These state-of-the art devices can be easily controlled with just one touch on your smartphone, granting or revoking permission as needed in real time – eliminating the need for physical keys or keycards. Plus, sophisticated encryption methods protect against any attempts at illegal entry ensuring maximum security around premises 24/7; plus notifications alert users of attempted bypasses so precautionary measures can quickly be taken if necessary!

Ojmar OCS Smart lock’s installation process is a breeze – simply install it like any traditional door lock, then you’re ready to pair up with your phone or other device! With Bluetooth connectivity, the app available on App Store and Google Play lets you check in on security status whenever wherever so that peace of mind can stay with you at all times.

Ojmar OCS Smart locks are a great investment for those who want to upgrade their security. Not only do they provide additional convenience, but also come with advanced features that may increase the overall safety of your business.

With Ojmar OCS Smart locks, you can easily manage access to your commercial property with the tap of a button! This convenient and secure solution utilizes advanced security features that protect against hacking attempts or other unauthorized activity. Plus, you don’t need to be physically present at all times—you can control and monitor access through any smartphone or device for maximum efficiency!

Bluetooth Lock FAQs

Bluetooth locks can potentially be hacked if they do not have proper security measures in place. It is important to ensure that the lock is using secure protocols and has been updated to the latest firmware to prevent hacking attempts. That’s why we makes sure our OCS Smart Locks are equipped with the latest technology to prevent anyone from being able to hack your bluetooth lock.

When coupled with a device, such as a smartphone, a Bluetooth lock communicates with it using a wireless connection. Once the lock is remotely locked or unlocked, the user can do so using the smartphone.
If the right security precautions are taken, such as secure protocols and the most recent firmware updates, Bluetooth locks can be some of the safest locks available. That is what you can expect from our OCS Smart Locks!
Wi-Fi is not necessary for Bluetooth locks to operate because they connect via Bluetooth to talk to linked devices. However, some Bluetooth locks could come with extra functions that need Wi-Fi access.