Ojmar Debuts New Touchless Lock with OCS®SMART

Ojmar Debuts New Touchless Lock with OCS®SMART

In an increasingly connected world, security threats are more prevalent than ever. Homes are updated
with smart locking systems. Computers are protected with advanced encryption. It is time for business
locker systems to receive the same upgrade. Fortunately, this is now possible with Ojmar’s release of

OCS®SMART is a revolutionary new lock that will elevate any locker system to the next level. Locker
technology has evolved in recent years, moving from simple keys to digital locks with a passcode. While
these advances have been noteworthy, they really only set the stage for what OCS ® SMART can do.

Unlike other locks, OCS®SMART allows your locker system to become truly hands-free. When
OCS®SMART is installed, it can be controlled via a mobile phone or tablet. To do this, the lock utilizes the
best Bluetooth technology. When paired with the OCS®SMART online app, installation and usage have
never been easier.

To better understand the impact of this touchless lock on your current locker system, it is best to look at
the product specifications. In addition to the touchless features via Bluetooth, the lock has a keypad
backup. The battery lifespan of the lock leads the industry with up to five years of use before changeout
is required. The smooth and hygienic keypad is crevice-free and waterproof, allowing for an easy and
efficient wipe down of the lock surface.

Beyond the operational advantages of OCS®SMART, companies may also be interested in the simple
installation process. Because this is a wireless system, there are no cumbersome cables or complex
wiring. The lock is equipped with a wide range of manager and user programable features, including
private and public settings, audit trails, rental durations, and scheduled automatic openings. A software
development kit is also available for seamless integration with in-house platforms.

The power of OCS®SMART is most evident when you see its real-world applications. With public health
awareness at an all-time high, companies are pressed to improve their hygiene measures. In shared
spaces, employees and customers are often at risk. OCS®SMART can alleviate some of that risk by
minimizing touchpoints and promoting overall hygiene. Plus, even outside of a worldwide pandemic,
companies are discovering how a touchless lock like OCS®SMART can streamline daily routines by
promoting convenience.

The release of OCS®SMART is big news for Ojmar. Given the practical applications for companies,
OCS®SMART is big news for everyone else as well.