Smartphone Locks: Accessible Security To Store your Valuables

When you leave your valuables in a locker room, you want to feel confident that your things are safe. Unfortunately, traditional methods of locker locks are easy for thieves to pick or cut.

Traditional locks also come with other difficulties. Forget the combination or lose your padlock key, and getting your locker open becomes a huge headache. When you manage a facility, it can be a hassle to deal with lockers that can’t be opened.

There is newer lock technology that can keep your valuables safe. Smartphone locker locks can improve security for your facility’s locker room and be more convenient for you and your customers. These smart entry locks enable the keyless operation of lockers, doors, and other areas you want secure.

Why You Need To Change Your Security Measures ?

Often, gyms will recommend that gym-goers leave valuables at home or in their car out of sight. Locker room theft is very common. Though the health club or gym itself likely has security cameras, locker rooms rarely do for privacy. However, this makes it very easy for theft to occur, as a person can get easy access to the facility and take things from the locker room with little suspicion from the rest of the building. A person can pick padlocks subtly or even use a bolt cutter if there is low traffic.

Improving the security in your facility is a great way to improve your relationship with your customers or those that frequently use the facility. When you install keyless door locks, you not only make your facility safer and more secure, but you make life easier for your customers. Those in the facility can use their smartphone to access their items, and this is much easier than dealing with keys or cards.

The Benefits of Smartphone Locker Locks

Smartphone and Bluetooth locks have several security benefits in addition to being convenient.

  1. Access Control. You can access smart lock systems remotely, so you can check if doors are locked or unlock one remotely if someone has lost their way to access a lock. You can also remotely change the permissions of a lock.
  2. Easy Access for Customers. These locks are highly convenient for customers while being hard to access by thieves. Smart entry locks can’t be lock-picked or cut open. Because the locks are connected to smartphones, it’s even more difficult for thieves to duplicate the key, as there’s no physical key or keycard to copy.
  3. Monitor Lock Data. Smart entry systems can track their usage and who accessed them. This allows you information about where these locks are kept, such as telling you high-access times for locker rooms or certain rooms.
  4. Better Customer Experience. When customers can feel their items are secure, they feel more confident in your business and the facility. Providing them with ease of access by connecting their smartphones to the lock adds convenience, and smart locks make your facility look new and updated.

Smartphone Locks vs. Alternative Locks

Traditional locks used in locker rooms or other public locations include padlocks, combination locks, or TSA-approved locks. These locks are not very secure. These locks all have long shackles, which makes them easy targets for bolt cutters. Even disc or shackless locks, which are made to prevent the use of bolt cutters, can be cut with minor difficulty.

In a busy gym locker room, bolt cutters are not the most common tool for thieves. Instead, they may use skeleton or master keys or simply pick the lock. TSA-approved locks are designed to be opened by master keys that TSA agents carry with them. These keys are available commercially or can be copied. These methods of breaking a lock are discreet and, if done well, can be done even if the locker room is full.

Smartphone locks don’t have the same weaknesses as traditional locks. Managers have remote access to assign and reassign locks, and it’s more difficult to break into smartphone locker locks.

OCS Smart Bluetooth electronic lock with smart phone

Smarter Locker Solutions

When you’re in the market for keyless door locks and smartphone locks for your facility, look at the secure and durable options provided by Ojmar. We carry ADA-compatible, high-quality locks which are sealed against moisture and dust for long-lasting security.


The system is easy to install and provides you security for your locker room, facility, home, or business. The OCS Smart lock allows both touchpad and smartphone access. When you download our app, you have complete access to your lock, complete with advanced management operations. The smart lock system can be ordered with integrated handles or as a handle-less unit, making it customizable to the needs of your door.

Contact Ojmar for exceptional smartphone locks at the top of the market. We can offer a quote for smartphone locker locks, industrial locks, gym and other facility locks, residential building locks, and more.