The Locker Lock With Touch Technology

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MSRP $160.00

The OCS®Pro is the latest generation of touch keypad lock from Ojmar; now with enhanced features, function and style. The OCS®Pro is supplied non handed and can be installed as new or retrofit for previous OCS models or locks with similar fixing pattern.

✓ Touch Keypad – More durable than traditional push button keypads
✓ Extended battery life – Up to 5 years
✓ Flexible – Lock can be switched between free or assigned mode
✓ Easy clean – Hygienic, wipe clean keypad surface
✓ Rated IP56 – High level resistance to water and dust


Key Features

Unrivaled quality, performance and capabilities

Easy-clean touchpad

Advanced management features

Touch Keypad
Durable, easy-clean, hygienic touch keypad. Does not ware like membrane and push button keypads.
Low Battery Warning
Low battery indicators and emergency override capabilities.
Extended Battery Life
Up to 5 1/2 years: the best in the industry!
Lock Status Indicator
Visually identifies if locker is free or occupied.
Public and Private Mode
Same lock can be set up for shared or personal use.
ADA Compliant
Integrated handle and automatic opening with E-key to assist users with disabilities.
Integrated Keypad Capabilities
Settings can be changed directly on keypad without the use of an E-key or software.
Multi-Functional E-Key
Single key performs multiple functions: operates as master key, programming key, audit/events key, ADA key.
Advanced Capability-Ready
Automatic locker opening, setting expiration date/time, and viewing the events/audit trail are among the advanced capabilities.
Integrated Pull Handle
Facilitates easy door opening (flush, no handle option available).
Certified IP55 Rating
Best water, moisture and dust resistance available on any lock. Sealed on front and back.
Lock fits LH or RH doors.
Upgraded Design
Attractive thinner, sleek design
Finish Options
Graphite, White, Silver

2 User Modes

Keyless Operation

ADA Compliant

Sturdy Construction

Wet Area Compatible

Easy Lock Retrofit

Product Options




Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Power supply4 Alkaline 1.5v AA batteries.
Temperature range (functional)-10 Cº to +42 Cº.
Battery lifetimeUp to 5 years.
Protection against solid and liquidsWet area version: IP55.
Protection against mechanical impactIK09.

Technical Videos

Technical Drawings

Technical Drawing

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CAD Drawing

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CAD Drawing ADA Model

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Architectural Spec


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