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Your Athletic Lockers Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Like athletes, sport locks work hard.

Like their athletic counterparts, sport locks must perform well in all environments. Whether they’re securing team lockers, equipment lockers, or staff and player lockers, sport locks must withstand water, dirt, and sometimes salt and/or cold. They have to play defense, protecting and securing players’ hard-won valuables.They need to take a licking without complaint, and without any interruption in performance.

Athletic locker locks also need to have an edge over their competitors: If your team lockers don’t look and work as well as the cool new ones in the opposing teams’ locker room, you’ll hear about it. After all, who wants to be on a mediocre team when they can be on a first-rate one?

Do your sport locks give you a competitive advantage?

Which athletic locker lock will give you an edge?

Many athletic locker rooms still rely on traditional mechanical locks or open storage systems. If you’ve decided to stay old-school, you can still upgrade to better quality mechanical sport locks. Ojmar’s mechanical locks are:

Wet area compatible. We use materials that resist corrosion and rust, like stainless-steel pins, rather than the usual brass ones.

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in Europe. Our standards are strict, our manufacturing team experienced, and our delivery time the best in the industry.

No slouch in the looks department. Ojmar’s products are proof that “mechanical” doesn’t mean dull.

Built to last. Superior materials, exacting design, careful construction, and a century’s worth of experience all add up to locks that last.

You can choose from:

The COMBI®Pro – an upgraded combination lock

The LOCKR®Cam – with different levels of security to suit your needs

The LOCKR®Coin lock – with Collection and Collateral options

The LOCKR®Card – long-lived and easy-to use.

The LOCKR®Hasp – the best padlock partners

If you’ve decided to up your game…

Electronic sport locks can give you the advantage you need.

They’re simpler to use. No need for keys or cards (and no lost keys or cards).

They save staff time. Staff don’t need to deal with lost keys and cards, and they can assign individual locks for shared or personal use. Plus, any user with administrative access can open any—or all—lockers, making life a lot easier for equipment managers.

They can provide extra information. Some of our sport locks offer event logs and audit trails that can help you track down who used which locker when.

They’re more hygienic. Some of our sport locks are touch-free, and the rest have easy-clean touchpads.

They look great. Sometimes looks do matter. Our elegant, European-designed locks tell users that you believe they deserve the best.

Choose from:

The OCS®Pro –Talk about form meeting function. This sport lock boasts sleek looks with an integrated handle and up to 5½ years battery life.

The OTS®Advance – Our RFID lock is the #1-selling RFID locker lock in the world, and for good reason: it can be programmed for shared or personal use; its standalone, network-free technology means it can be used anywhere; and it has up to 7½ years battery life—the best in the industry!

An even smarter strategy…

Upgrade to smart sport locks. Athletes want to be on top, and this extends to their locker rooms. Ojmar Bluetooth-enabled locks are the gold standard, for good reason. They incorporate all of the features of electronic locks, with added flexibility and customization. Choose from:

The OTS®Pulse – as flexible as the best athletes, this dual-technology wireless solution works with both RFID and Bluetooth LE technologies.

The OCS®SMART – Bluetooth-enabled sport locks are the locks of the future—and ours offers the best of the future: cutting-edge technology, integrated keypad capabilities, enhanced security, and touchless and touchpad operation—and the best of the past—impeccable personal customer service and an attention to detail rarely seen today.

Get sport locks that will give you a competitive advantage.

Ojmar sport locks will work hard and be around for a long time—and our representatives will, too. Contact us today to learn how our locks—and our team—will give your athletic lockers the winning edge.

Black OTS Advance Bluetooth RFID electronic locker lock