Ojmar's Wireless Networked Smart Lock

Meet the OTS®Pulse

The RFID and Bluetooth enabled OTS®Pulse is the ultimate in wireless networked locking solutions. Expand by one or one hundred, no wires means simple, cost-effective and secure locking like never before. Manage, update and report – from anywhere.

✓ Real Time Data and Analytics
✓ Multi Device Monitoring
✓ Minimal and Simplified Maintenance
✓ Operate on and offline
✓ Open API
✓ Seamless, Simple Integration
✓ Future Proof Modular Design

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Key Features

Secure and tamper proof with encryption via web connection

Maximum security, minimalist design

Unrivaled quality, performance and capabilities

Multi-Device Monitoring
Complete dynamic remote management and automatic synchronization from cloud-based software to lock, for real-time onsite device monitoring including status of locks, batteries, etc.
Ready for Use
Quick and easy installation without complex, costly hardwiring. Doesn't require any expensive servers or infrastructure, just a simple standard internet connection and it's ready to go.
Minimal & Simplified Maintenance
Guarantees minimal maintenance thanks to an industry leading energy saving platform.
Easy to reconfigure and even modify your locker layout quickly. Get automatic and functional updates. All without additional expensive wiring.
No Downtime
Online or offline as needed. In the event of a network outage or power failure, the lock switches to offline mode whilst continuing to collect data which will be transmitted back to the system once the network is restored. Users are not affected and the system does not lose any data or information.
Real Time Data & Analytics
Monitor locker usage and occupancy via Ojmar cloud based software, create or download reports and audit trails to match management requirements, view alarms and manage settings and much more.
The web connection is encrypted via Https with an SSL certificate. In addition, each incoming connection uses its own dynamically encrypted protocol leaving you safe in the knowledge that your system is secure and tamper-proof.
Use your existing access credentials or smartphone alike. End users also gain complete control over their app and can book lockers in advance.

Built-in Bluetooth

Antibacterial + Antiviral

Advanced Security

Keyless Operation

Sturdy Construction

Advanced Capabilities

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Technical Information

Technical Specifications

ProtocolRFID & Bluetooth.
RFID StandardsMIFARE® (DESFire EV1 & EV2, Ultralight, Ultralight C, Classic1K/4K 4B and 7B UID – ISO/IEC 14443), ISO 15693. HID iClass.
ReadingUID / Sector.
CredentialsRFID cards, wristbands, FOBs, Technogym key & Stickers.
Bluetooth OSAndroid & iOS.
Communication StandardWireless 2.4GHz proprietary stack.
Encryption ModeAES 256.
Batteries (Type & quantity)4 Alkaline Batteries VARTA Type AA.
Battery LifeUp to 8 years at room temperature (Depending on usage and configuration).
TemperatureFrom -10°C to 42°C / 14ºF to 108ºF (indoors).

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