Medical Locks Secure People’s Lives

Medical Locks Secure People’s Lives

Medical locks are vitally important.

Perhaps more than any other environment; hospitals, clinics and other healthcare settings must provide top security. But too often, that security is breached. Medications go missing. Patients’ iPhones and wedding rings disappear. Paper-based patient information gets in the wrong hands. Staff belongings are stolen. (The number one article stolen from hospitals? Scrubs). And these losses can add up: a California hospital reported losing more than $11 million in items from 2010 to 2014.

Those losses don’t just harm your bottom line. They damage your reputation. They degrade the trust that the public places in you. They hurt the patients who lose meaningful personal belongings. They could even cost lives, as in the case of stolen drugs.

You can easily upgrade the security in your medical establishment. How? Better locks.

Ojmar OCS PRO White electronic lock

Better locks for everything, from medical carts to file cabinets

Whether you run a large hospital, a small rural clinic, a care center, or a pharmacy, you need locks. Lots of locks, probably more than any other industry. You need locks for:

Medical carts

Drug carts

Medical records cabinets

Drug cabinets

Medical equipment cabinets

Bedside storage cabinets

Staff lockers and/or cabinets

Visitor lockers

You probably need a variety of medical locks, too: keyed locks for bedside cabinets, combination locks for staff lockers, and electronic locks that provide audit trails for your most valuable items. Ojmar has those solutions for you, and we can guarantee our locks are a step up from what you’re using now.

What makes Ojmar’s medical locks better?

Yes, we believe our locks are better than our competitors. Our customers do, too. Here’s why:

Sturdier materials – All of our locks—mechanical and electronic—are wet-area compatible, and built to withstand dust, corrosion and extremes of cold and heat. We use materials that stand the test of time, like steel pins instead of the typical brass ones.

Not made in China – Ojmar medical locks are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Europe.

A variety of options – Our electronic locks offer settings for shared or private use, along with a variety of advanced capabilities. Even our “simple” keyed lock, the Locki®Cam, offers three levels pf security.

ADA compliant – Integrated handles and no-touch solutions make opening lockers simple.

Easy-clean, antibacterial and antiviral surfaces.

European design – Our locks work well, last for years, and they look great, reflecting the cutting-edge care your healthcare setting offers.

No supply chain disruption – Since Ojmar designs, manufactures, and distributes our own locks, we’re able to avoid the shipping problems that plague many other companies, and get you the locks you need, quickly.

Outstanding customer service – We treat our customers if we’ll have them for a lifetime. And we do.

100 years of experience. – That’s right, Ojmar has been in business for a century now. And in that time, we’ve learned that the way to please our customers is to offer the best locks—and the best customer service—on the market.

Make your healthcare environment more secure today.

We’d be glad to help you—and to demonstrate our world-class customer service, too. Contact us today to discover how our medical locks can help protect your medications, your medical equipment, your staff, and your patients from loss.