LOCKR®Coin (Wet Area)


The Ojmar Coin Lock is ideal for use in:

  • Recreational facilities
  • Amusement parks
  • Swimming facilities
  • Fitness facilities
  • Universities and colleges

This mechanical lock can be used in two modes: Collection (RETAIN) and Collateral (RETURN).

In the classic Collection format, the user gains access to a free locker (one with a key already in the door) by inserting a coin into the receptacle on the inside of the door. When their valuables are safely inside, they then close the door and the key is freed to remove and take with them. Upon returning to the locker, the user opens it using the key, and the coin is automatically deposited into the attached collection box. This format is an ideal way to profit from locker rentals, as well as recoup costs associated with lost keys.

The Collateral mode is operated exactly the same way, only the user is able to re-collect their deposited coin on the inside of the door after returning to the locker and inserting their key.

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Additional Information
Type of Lock

Collection (RETAIN), Collateral (RETURN)


Left Hand, Right Hand

Purchase Options

Lock Only, Lock + Coin Collecting Box Set, Coin Collecting Box Only

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Material – Highly resistant to corrosion, making them the ideal solution for wet areas.
Anti-reservation – Emergency access by master key.
Interchangeable core – In case of a lost key or theft you can change the core for extra security.
Options – Compatible with .25 USD/Canadian, and Tokens.
Customization – Able to work with 1 Canadian, 2 Canadian, and multifunction.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Coin Lock

Number of cycles – 60,000 machine cycles according to the LGA.
Cylinder core – Interchangeable solid brass core with 6 stainless steel pins.
Differs – Up to 1,600.
Anti-reservation master key – Yes.
Key – Standard (model 75), security key (reversible, model 76).
Anti-breakage system – Yes.
Coin return button – Yes.
Adjustable – Yes.
LGA certification – Yes.

Lock body length – 110mm.
Lock body height – 150mm.
Lock body thickness – 29mm.
Shoot dimensions – 25 x 5mm.
Minimum door thickness – 1mm.
Maximum door thickness – 23mm.
Latch stroke – 15mm.
Fixing hole – 93.5 x 93.5.
Recommended fixing screw – Compact. DIN 7985 M5x20, Wood. Pan head POZI 40º Ø5×25. Metal. DIN 7981 Ø5,5.
Key thickness – 2.5mm.

Lock body – Polycarbonate + ABS. High impact and torsion resistance.
Internal part – Die cast.
Cylinder core – Chrome plated brass.
Pins – Stainless steel.
Keys – Nickle plated brass.

Coin Collecting Box

Box – Zamak.
Finish – Epoxy paint.
Cylinder – Chrome plated brass.

Dimensions of coin box:
Length – 110mm.
Height – 70mm.
Thickness – 33mm.
Approx. capacity – 50 coins.
Distance between fixing holes – 87 x 50mm.
Fixing holes – Ø 4,5 mm Pan head.

Dimensions of coin box with lock:
Length – 200mm.
Height – 110mm.
Thickness – 33mm.

Technical Drawing
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