You’ve found your lock solution.

Cutting-edge smart locks, user-friendly keypad locks, and hardworking mechanical locks—no matter what you need, we have your solution.

Gain control over your environment.
You’ll be in charge of who accesses what lockers when.

Simplify user-operation.
Our intuitive, easy-to-use locker solutions deliver a better experience for customers and less stress for managers.

Ensure ADA-compliance.
Meet your requirements, while supporting the largest minority group in the country.

Create a touchless environment.
Touch-free locker locks are safer, cleaner, and more user-friendly for all customers, including those with disabilities.

Increase customer satisfaction.
No more lost keys, locker hogs, or “Help! I can’t get into my locker!” situations.

Avoid supply chain disruption.
As one of the few companies that manufacture their own locks, we have complete control over creation and distribution. Our supply chain leads straight to you.

Boost productivity and save money.
Facility management takes less time (and less $) with the right lock system.

Smart Locking. Great Looking.

A quick look at other locks might make you think you have to choose between functionality and great design. Not so with Ojmar. Our smart locks blend intuitive operation with sleek good looks, making them favorites of both users and designers.

Your Lock. Your Way. Your Timeline.

How can you get the locks you need when you need them? By partnering with Ojmar. We’ll help you choose the right locks for your situation, get them to you as soon as possible, and support you throughout the installation process and beyond. We can make this promise because we’re involved in the process from start to finish, and have been for nearly 100 years.

We’re Here for You, Long-Term

A consultative relationship is important in this industry and we take your partnership seriously. Technologies, design trends, and industry and customer demands can change quickly. You may need to add more lockers, design a touchless environment, or replace your mechanical locks with keyless electronic locks. When you need to change with the times, we’ll help you review management and user requirements. We’ll work with you to upgrade or retrofit your lock system, meeting any new demands, staying within your budget, and exceeding expectations./span>

And we’re not done then. We’ll stick with you long-term: providing technical resources, offering practical tools, and personally supporting you with our expertise and experience long after the project is complete. We appreciate the trust you place in us, and treat you like the valuable partner you are./span>

We Know Your Industry

One of the advantages of being around for 100 years is that we’ve worked with a lot of different companies in a lot of situations and have come up with a lot of creative solutions. But though we understand your industry, we also understand that you know your business better than anyone, which is why we consult with every individual customer. We’ll listen to your needs and find the perfect solution for your situation and your budget.

A Lock for All Reasons

Our strength in range is your advantage. You can select the lock you need, from basic mechanical keys and hasps to connected smart locks with the latest features and capabilities. We have your solution and will partner with you to achieve the best practical result.

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