Simple & effective solutions for heavy duty use



The Lockr Hasp’s robustness, high resistance to humidity and salt, and an easy-to-mount system make it a simple and effective solution for heavy duty use in shared environments. Quick to install and fully mountable for both left-handed and right-handed use, Lockr Hasps are versatile and secure when used in conjunction with secure padlocks. Security is enhanced with a built-in anti-rotation system, preventing circumvention of the lock, and the IP55-rated design means they are especially resistant to humidity, ensuring a long-lasting security system.

Please note: Padlocks are sold separately and are not included in the sale of the Lockr Hasps.

Key Features

Easy installation

Built in security

For pad lock use

Easy installation
Can be installed in a simple locker hole.
LH & RH use
Can be mounted for left-handed or right-handed use.
IP55 rated
High resistance to humidity.
For pad lock use
Used in conjunction with keyed padlocks or combination padlocks of up to 8mm thick.
Built in security
Equipped with Ojmar Patented Anti-rotation system.

Built-in Bluetooth

Antibacterial + Antiviral

Advanced Security

2 User Modes

Keyless Operation

Sturdy Construction

Advanced Capabilities

ADA Compliant

Wet Area Compatible

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

ClosingWith padlock of up to 8mm diameter.
MaterialsLock in Zamak and Cam in steel.
FixingWith nut and screw.

Technical Drawings

Technical Drawing

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CAD Drawing

PDF File

CAD Drawing

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