The Best Gym Locks...

Are ones that work–and keep working.

Fitness center lockers really take a beating.

No one treats gym lockers or their locks gently. Instead, they’re subjected to daily hard use by a variety of people–pumped-up people who might slam a locker in frustration after a losing tennis match, or in celebration after a great workout.

Gym locker locks are also assaulted by water, dust, and grime. And despite the pounding they take, they’d better look like a million bucks (or at least better than the ones at the fitness center down the road).

You can’t protect your fitness center lockers from customers, vandals, and the elements but you can ensure they’re sturdy enough to withstand such treatment and still look great. How? By investing in locks that are tested under the most harsh conditions, and in a company that has withstood the test of time.

If you’re still using mechanical gym locker locks…

Choose the best quality mechanical locks in the world.

What makes Ojmar’s mechanical gym locks the absolute best?

  • They’re wet area compatible. No worries about rusted locks. Ojmar locks benefit from materials that resist corrosion, including stainless-steel pins (instead of the typical brass ones).
  • They’re well-constructed. The building blocks of our gym locker locks withstand constant use as well as rust and corrosion. They’re stringently tested, and come out on top, earning the highest marks and certifications in water/dust resistance (IP Rating) and impact resistance (IK rating).
  • They’re designed, manufactured and assembled in Europe using leading edge robotics and Ojmar’s experienced in-house manufacturing team.
  • They’ve got a century of expertise behind them. Being in business for a hundred years has taught us how to make great products and to provide exceptional customer service to our clients.
  • They offer the choices you want. You can outfit your fitness center lockers with:
    • The COMBI®Pro – An easy-to-use combination lock.
    • The LOCKR®Cam – Offered with different levels of security to suit your needs.
    • The LOCKR®Coinlocks – With two use modes: Collection (RETAIN) and Collateral (RETURN).
    • The LOCKR®Card – With stainless steel pins for better longevity.
    • The LOCKR®Hasp – Sturdy solutions for fitness centers using padlocks.
Black OTS Advance Bluetooth RFID electronic locker lock


  • The #1-selling RFID locker lock in the world – Why is the OTS®Advance so popular? So many reasons, including advanced capabilities, the ability to be programmed for shared or personal use, and the best battery life in the industry—up to 7 1/2 years!
  • A dual-technology wireless solution – The OTS®Pulse offers unrivaled flexibility with both RFID and Bluetooth LE capabilities.
  • A sleek touchpad lock with advanced management features –The OCS®Pro performs even better than it looks—and that’s saying a lot.
  • The smartest choice of all – Top-rated for a reason, the Bluetooth-enabled OCS®SMART offers the ultimate in advanced security, management capabilities, and both touchless and touchpad operation.

All of Ojmar’s gym locker locks—electronic and mechanical—are built to withstand water, dust and grime. And all of them offer easy upgrades to older locks with simple retrofit installation.

Get gym locker locks that work and keep working.

Contact us today to learn how Ojmar locks can make your fitness center lockers work better, look better, and better serve your customers and staff.