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The OTS Advance with thousands of installations worldwide has proven itself to be the primary choice for RFID locking solutions, where its style and clean lines are matched with advanced features and flexibility.

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Left Hand, Right Hand

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Simple, quick fit – One piece “monoblock” design only requires single hole through door.
Minimal sleek design – Aesthetically appealing.
Intuitive use – Simply push button knob to open or close with authorized card, bracelet or key fob.
Multifunctional integrated handle – Knob acts as a handle in the open position, also integrated LED (red, amber, green) in knob indicates lock and programming status. Position of knob also provides quick visual lock status i.e. high “out” position = open, low “in” position = locked.
Easy clean, hygienic – Low to no direct touch operation.
High resistance to water – Protection against water ingress in damp or wet areas.
Easy rapid set up – In stand alone mode lock can be operational in minutes, no network integration required.
Robust – High level of certified protection against impact.
Extremely low battery usage – Typical life 7 years + maintenance free.
Public or Private mode – all locks have flexibility to work in Public mode (free for anyone to use) of Private mode (assigned to specific person). Note: User may have a single Private lock/locker and up to three Public mode lockers if required enhancing flexibility.
Indicator LED’s – Integrated 3 colour LED’s (red, amber, green) give quick visual lock status indication ie locked, closed, battery status etc and also provide prompts during lock programming.
Multi RFID technology – Compatible with Mifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight and Mifare Desfire.
Multipurpose handheld programmer – The programmer allows management to quickly and easily; program, update, read/write keys, monitor battery status in real time and acquire audit data if required without the need to be connected to a computer. The programmer simply needs to be held up to the lock and data and information is transferred between the two by NFC technology.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Power supply – 4 Alkaline 1.5v AA batteries.
Battery life – Up to 7 years.
Low battery detection – Stand alone via NFC programmer or integrated into an access control system.
Temperature range – -20ºC / 70ºC.
Protection against solid and liquid bodies – IP55.
Protection against external impact – IK7.
Protection against internal impact – IK9.
Display – LED red, green, orange.
Handing – Locks are supplied as either LH or RH.

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