RFID Locks: Enhanced Security for Your Valuables

A good lock should be simple for you to open but difficult for anybody else to open. It should keep your possessions secure against thievery and damage and be able to stand up to corrosion, bolt cutters, and locker room break-ins. Above all, the ideal lock does not have any weaknesses to exploit.

However, traditional locks aren’t a reliable way to secure a locker. They’re easy to break into, from homemade “master keys” to simple code-breaking tactics. They’re not resistant to water or salt damage, which can compromise the metal, and they’re very inefficient.
This is why you should look into a radio frequency identification (RFID) lock system to protect your valuables. Electronic locks are a high-tech, trustworthy way to keep your lockers secure and your property safe.

Why You Need to Change Your Security Measures ?

Did you know that locker room thievery is a common occurrence, no matter what type of locker room you’re in? For example, take the burglaries at Pierce College. These incidents have forced students to keep their valuables away from their gym lockers — a place where their possessions are intended to be kept safe. 

This is because a majority of common locker locks are simple to break into:

  • Padlocks. Padlocks are designed to only be open with the correct key. However, it’s simple enough to create a master key out of plastic. In addition, keys can be misplaced, locking the actual owner out.
  • Combination locks. Simple combination locks only work if the combination is a secret. Unfortunately, some are rather easy to decode. Others can be bypassed entirely by simply cutting the lock off.
  • TSA-approved locks. A TSA-approved lock is designed to be opened by the TSA to check luggage, so they’re not all that secure. Even if you don’t have one of the master keys, they can be lock-picked without much effort.

Your locker room needs better security measures. Normal locks simply won’t cut it anymore.

Black OTS Advance Bluetooth RFID electronic locker lock

The Benefits of RFID Locker Locks

RFID locks, short for radio frequency identification locks, are the perfect solution for all of your locker problems. Using radio frequency identification technology, these locks offer high security for every situation in a way other locks simply can’t. You may have seen RFID locks used for modern hotel doors, allowing for keyless entry.

RFID locks don’t suffer from the same failing as common locker locks, and this is because of their design and their use of radio frequency identification scanners. An RFID lock doesn’t require a key, so key replication or lock picking isn’t a problem. They’re also not portable, so they can’t simply be removed. Many of them are designed to be resistant to water and dust as well, so they’ll last a long time.

An RFID lock attaches to your locker or door. From there, your electronic RFID lock will respond to a keycard, a key fob, or a wristband, opening your locker door. This means you’ll be able to get in and out without even touching the lock. This is all due to the use of radio frequency identification.

How Does Radio Frequency Identification Work?

Radio frequency identification requires a few things: RFID tags, antennas, a transceiver, and an RFID reader. The lock function also requires a credential, such as a keycard. The credentials have a tag just like the one in the RFID lock itself, and when they come close, the door should open due to the data being sent through the antennas and transceivers.

Not every RFID lock is the same. There are three main varieties of RFID locks, based on the type of radio frequency: low, high, and ultra-high. The changes in frequency affect how far away the tag can be read, as well as how much interference can be picked up. For example, a low-frequency lock only has a read distance of about 10 centimeters (4 inches), but it isn’t likely to suffer from interference as a result.

There are also different types of tags. An active tag is always sending out a signal, requiring a constant power source to keep the signal going. Semi-active tags also require a constant power source, but they only send out a signal when they’re within range of the lock. Finally, passive tags don’t send out their own signal at all, instead triggering a magnetic current in the antenna.

RFID Locking Solutions vs. Alternative Locks

RFID locks are superior to other locks when it comes to keeping your valuables safe because they don’t fall into the same traps the other locks do. There’s no good reason to use a padlock, combination lock, or TSA-approved lock when you can use an RFID smart lock, instead.

Padlocks, and any key-using locks, cannot stand up to the keyless entry offered by RFID locks. The use of traditional keys is simply unreliable and outdated, especially as keys can simply be created out of plastic.

Combination locks are unreliable as well. Not only can codes be cracked, but a portable combination lock can’t defend your locker against bolt cutters. Non-portable combination locks may also be unreliable, as they still require remembering the code and keeping it a secret.

TSA-approved locks are designed to be opened up by just about anyone with the right key. They’re simply not built with security in mind. Additionally, the keys can be found and purchased online, making these locks all around unsafe. RFID locks don’t require specific keys or codes, and they can’t be destroyed or removed. Instead, they’ll only open for the right tag, and these tags can’t be replicated.

Smarter Locker Solutions

If you’re looking for RFID locker locks, RFID locks for wood, or any other kind of RFID lock, then Ojmar is here to help. With advanced lock technology, you can be sure that any RFID lock we offer will protect what you need it to for as long as you need it to.

OTS® Advance 

The OTS® Advance is the #1 selling RFID locker lock in the world. These locks are built not just to take advantage of RFID technology, but to improve on it. With an extended battery life, resistance to water and dust, and a no-touch design, The OTS® Advance is the best RFID option available.

RFID Cards

No smart lock RFID system is complete without the RFID tags. You can trust our OTS® Advance lock system to come with reliable, rewriteable RFID cards. These offer easy access to the lockers and keep the whole process touch free.

Ojmar: Secure Smarter

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