Ojmar Blank RFID Cards
Ojmar Blank RFID Cards

RFID Cards®

Meet the RFID CARDS®

13.56MHz RFID card for use with required Ojmar locks. Fully rewritable and easily portable, RFID cards are versatile, with programming capabilities including single-event applications (such as locker rental or other temporary access) and more permanent access control. Their programmability and lack of physical mechanics make them the ideal replacement for physical keys, typically providing higher levels of security for facilities of all types while also making access less of a hassle for authorized card carriers.
Please note: Price displayed is per card. 

Key Features & Benefits

Can be programmed as an event key, set up key, or a User key.

Built-in Bluetooth

Advanced Security

Multiple Modes

Keyless Operation

Sturdy Construction

Advanced Capabilities

ADA Compliant

Wet Area Compatible

Bluetooth Locks for Gyms and
Corporate Offices

OCS®SMART for Fitness

OCS®SMART for Office

OCS®SMART User Guide

RFID Cards®


MSRP $4.99