Mechanical Cores


Choose from a variety of interchangeable cores for either the Combi Pro & Prisma locks, Coin/Card Lock Standard Key Cores or Coin/Card Lock Security Key Cores. Our regular cores are designed for a basic level of security for coin & card locks whereas the security cores provide the highest level of security.

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Type of Core

Coin/Card Lock Standard Key Core (Right Hand), Coin/Card Lock Standard Key Core (Left Hand), Coin/Card Lock Security Key Core (Right Hand), Coin/Card Lock Security Key Core (Left Hand), Combi Pro / Prisma Key Core

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Combi Pro & Prisma
Interchangeable core – Easily Swap cores with a remove key for maintenance or in case of emergency.
Ultimate security – 1400 different Core + key combinations.
Retrofit – Suitable for the Prisma Lock as well as the Combi Pro.
ADA – When an ADA key is requested, a core is supplied with a matching ADA key.

Coin & Card
Anti-reservation – Compatible with a master key (sold separately) for emergency opening without the use of a coin or card.
Interchangeable core – Cylinder core made of solid brass and chrome coated, with 6 Stainless steel pins making it an ideal solution for humid and wet areas.
Ultimate security – Cores can also be provided with proprietary key profiles for increased security.

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