Mechanical Keys®

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Choose from a variety of mechanical keys including Master keys, Remove keys, User keys and Blank keys specific to your lock and requirements.

Buyer Authentication Required. See Below.

Additional Information

Combi Pro, Prisma, Lockr Cam 617, Lockr Cam 377, Lockr Cam 577, Coin/Card Lock, Glass Door

Type of Key

Master Key, Security Master Key, Remove Key, ADA Key, Blank Key, User Key, Security User Key, Master (Penalty) Key

Buyer Authentication Instructions

Buyer Authentication Instructions

Authorized buyer verification is required to purchase master and/or removal keys.

To Order:

  • Add item to cart.
  • At checkout, e-mail the code engraved on the existing master key to or include code in order notes.
  • Call Ojmar U.S. at (949) 419-6776 to complete the buyer authentication process.
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Combi Pro/Prisma Master key
Master key – Used as a manager override in case of emergency.
Security – 1400 different key cuts for the ultimate security.

Combi Pro/Prisma Remove key
Red key cover– allows for quick and easy identification
Security – Used to remove and replace a locks core incase a User key is lost or stolen.