OTS®Advance Programmer

MSRP $1,496.88

The programmer is a read & write unit designed to read from and write to transponder cards and bracelets. Although normally installed in reception and linked to a PC via an RS232 interface, it can also function as a portable programmer for connecting to locks (for the purpose of testing, firmware updates and other events).

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Portable – Designed for use around the facility.
Touch screen – Built in Touch screen from convenient reading and writing of locks.
USB Connector – Able to be plugged into a PC for manager programming and set up.
Built in NFC – For easy and fast connection to OTS Advance Lock.
Easy Programming – Provides the ability to program multiple locks in a row.
Real-time data – Shows battery status, lock status, locker number and more.
Audit trails – When use with the Software you can track all of the event that happened on the OTS.

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