Simplify Management

Simplify Management
with Ojmar Locks

Locker Locks Your Managers Will Love

Locker systems that relieve management headaches.

Management is a tough business. Managers need to oversee employees, keep customers happy, complete reams of paperwork, and meet the expectations of pretty much everyone. They shouldn’t have to juggle locker system management problems, too.

But many locker management systems and software only add time and frustration to manager’s daily loads, creating or supporting problems like:

Lost and malfunctioning keys and cards.

Users who forget their locker combinations.

Systems that don’t adapt for multiple or different users.

Batteries that need to be replaced way too soon.

Locker systems that make managers guess which batteries need to be replaced.

Ojmar locks solve all operational issues and more, simplifying life for managers.

No more worrying about keys and combinations.

Solve user error around keys and combinations with Ojmar smart locker management systems. The OCS®SMART and OTS®ADVANCE models allow you to open your locker with your phone and solve master key issues the same way.

Prefer a mechanical lock?

Ojmar’s COMBI ®PRO offers a simple code recovery function (and a removable cylinder in case the master key is lost).

Locker management systems that
work the way you want them to.

Your business is unique, which means your locker requirements are, too. Only you know that there’s a rush of students who have to access their lockers at 3:30 p.m. Or that there’s more activity in the second-floor employee locker bank than in the third floor one. Or that opening three particularly heavy drawers in your industrial cabinet present a tipping risk.

Why try to fit your individual needs into a not-quite-right locker management system when you can get the agility you need? Ojmar electronic locks can be programmed:

For single or multi-users

To fully integrate with the latest fitness equipment systems, automatic payments, and other services

For private or public use

To provide data regarding who is using the locker and when, ensuring the protection of classified information and personal objects

To manage time-based congestion issues

To prevent industrial furniture overturning by allowing only certain drawers to be open at one time

And since flexibility of use is so important to our customers, Ojmar is proud to manufacture the COMBI ®PRO, the only mechanical lock that can be programmed as free /multiuser or assigned/private.

Batteries that keep a charge (and “talk”)

Replacing batteries is a pain. There’s the time spent replacing them, proper disposal, and of course the cost of new batteries. Wouldn’t it be nice to replace locker batteries half as often? You can. The batteries in Ojmar’s OCS Smart lock last 5.5 years on average, and the ones in OTS Advance typically last 8 years.

And Ojmar’s smart locker management system lets managers know what batteries need replacing before there’s a problem.

Locks that last

Though replacing batteries is a pain, replacing locks is worse. And from what we hear, many locks fail after just two years.

Not ours. Unlike most other locks, Ojmar’s products are made in Europe. Each all-metal part is manufactured by Ojmar and meticulously hand-assembled by professionals with the quality informed by 100 years in business.

Simplify Management with Ojmar Locks

Management is a tough business. Make it easier with Ojmar locks.