Hasp Locks: A Great Solution to Your Commercial Locking Needs

Hasp Locks: All the Rage Since 500 BCE

Sometime around 500 BCE, a clever inventor realized that the Roman Empire had treasures that needed protection, and so created the first padlock—which attached to the first hasp. The fact that we’re still using hasp locks nearly 3000 years later says something about their extraordinary usefulness.

Workhorses of the lock world, hasp locks have been popular throughout the ages for a number of reasons:

  • They’re designed to last. 
  • They’re the most affordable lock solution.
  • They’re easily installed.
  • They’re wet-area compatible.

They provide simple, sturdy security

What Exactly Is a Hasp Lock?

Unless you’re into locks (like we are), you might think of a hasp lock as a padlock—and you’d be partly right. The hasp lock is the locking mechanism that’s attached to the door, the one that has a loop or hole the padlock goes through. In other words, it takes both a hasp lock and a padlock to secure a door.

LOCKR®Hasp, Ojmar’s premium hasp lock, takes locker security to a new level. The LOCKRHasp cam is made of steel, the lock is made of Zamak (an especially strong alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper), and the finish is a bright chrome. It’s humidity resistant, and easily installed for both left hand- and right-hand use. The LOCKRHasp also boasts something no other hasp lock can: a patented built-in anti-rotation system that keeps would-be thieves from circumventing the lock.

Ojmar Hasp with Padlock
Ojmar Silver Hasp on White Lockers

Theft is Big Business. Hasp Locks are a Big Deterrent.

Since locks have been around since 500 BCE, it stands to reason that thieves have been around a long time, too. But they’ve changed their M.O.s. Theft from retail and athletic industries used to be one-offs: a lone shoplifter or locker thief. Smart phones and the internet have changed  all that, making it easier for gangs of thieves to organize. Police in Bellevue, Washington busted a ring of locker room thieves who operated in multiple states, hitting gyms (mostly LA Fitness and 24-Hour Fitness) and stealing cash and credit cards. 

Organized retail theft is on the rise, too, especially since the pandemic. One gang of thieves was recently charged with stealing more than $10million from retailers. It’s not an uncommon occurrence. According to the Buy Safe America Coalition and the Retail Industry Leaders Association, almost 70% of retailers reported an uptick in organized retail crime in 2021.  

Retail establishments are stepping up their security games by locking up valuable items—everything from razorblades to baby formula. And the locks they’re using? Hasp locks, the bane of thieves since Roman times.

Hasp Locks: An Analog Solution in a Digital Age

Don’t get us wrong. We think electronic locks (especially our electronic locks), provide remarkable security and ease of use, but there are times when simple hasp locks are a better solution. They work especially well when:

  • You have multiple users over a day, like fitness lockers. 
  • They’re installed in places where locks and lockers might take a beating, as with school lockers. 
  • You need a simple solution, as with retail establishments.
  • You need locks that can be installed quickly and easily.
  • You’re on a budget.

LOCKRHasp: The Best Padlock Partners

We don’t just say our hasp locks are the best, we back it up with facts. Ojmar’s LOCKRHasp is designed and manufactured in Europe, to exacting standards by experts with decades of experience. Its steel, Zamak, and chrome construction withstands rust and corrosion, unlike the brass elements used by some of our competitors. Our hasp locks ship quickly, thanks to the fact that we control our distribution, and they’re backed up by our superior customer service, honed by a hundred years in the industry.

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No matter the lock you choose, you can be sure they all possess the exceptional quality and sleek good looks that’s given Ojmar our world-class reputation. Find out why we’re the best maker of haps locks around. Contact us today.