Combination Locks: Protecting Your Valuables

Combination Locks:
Protecting Your Valuables

Combination Locks

Combination locks are often an afterthought when it comes to updating the locker room, but the industry has advanced significantly since most locker room locks have been updated. Ojmar is at the forefront of the industry standard and offers cutting-edge, game-changing combination lock products.

Why You Need Combination Locks

Traditional spin dial combination locks were first issued 60 years ago. Since then, they have been the go-to style for decades. But never has the basic concept of a spin dial combination lock been modified or updated. Lock-breaking technology itself has surpassed the outdated design of old-fashioned locks.

The truth is, when it comes to protecting valuables, they just don’t measure up. To really push the point home, they are a thief’s favorite kind of lock. In fact, thieves target facilities that allow anyone to access the locker room area. This is especially true when the spin dial combination locks are in place. They select places known to leave lockers long unattended that contain the expensive valuables and equipment of hardworking athletes.

The Problem with Old-Fashioned Locks

Traditional locker room locks are no longer a security measure at all. While it may make users feel better to lock their clothes up while practicing or working out, they really don’t offer any real security for valuables.

The most common locks have been around for ages—the spin dial (right, left, skip, right) combination locks, keyed padlocks, and scroll digit combination locks like the only TSA-approved luggage locks for airline travelers. The latter, by the way, are TSA approved only because every TSA agent has a key that can unlock them all. These keys, issued strictly to TSA agents, have since been replicated via 3D printing. Anyone who wants to can go online, download the file, and print a copy. The first two can also be opened by means of universal keys that are easily forged or replicated.

Traditional locks just aren’t safe anymore. Most people aren’t aware of the insecurities these products actually present, so they offer a false sense of security. Patrons should be told their valuables are not secured by these types of locks. That way they may employ other means for securing their belongings.

Combination Locks vs. Alternative Locks

Traditional spin combination lockElectronic combination lock
Difficult and timely to unlock; learning curve to become proficientEasy to use; familiar keypad format; no learning curve
Difficult to change the combinationEasy to change the combination
High potential for maintenance and servicingLow upkeep; minimal servicing
Maintains no records of unlock history
The tracking log shows past uses of access
Only one code optionCan have multiple codes
No access control for managementManagement has control of automatic locking and unlocking
Can be easily broken or the master key replicated; high potential for theftMore secure and less potential for theft
Doesn’t give users a sense of securityCreates confidence in business and users feel their valuables are secure
Outdated materials that rust and collect germsSleek design that repels moisture and dust and prevents the spread of germs
Old-fashioned lookingModern and appealing style
Issued for more than 60 years; outdated technology with only one ineffectual functionState of the art technology with many functions

Benefits of Combination Locks

Modern Technology Redefines the Locker Room Lock

While there are many advantages to an electronic combination lock in terms of daily use and maintenance, these locks do more. They don’t simply improve function, efficiency, and productivity within an athletic complex or facility. They also bring much more to the table in terms of features and technology that brings locker room security to a new level.

For example, Ojmar’s OCS®Smart electronic combination lock features an advanced computerized system that represents the gold standard in locker room security. This is especially true regarding the protection and security of valuables.

Bluetooth technology combined with a touchpad or touchless operation incorporates keyless entry. This allows athletes the quickest access possible to their locker and its contents. Furthermore, users can easily see if a locker is locked or unlocked, making it clear which lockers are available for use.

Smart Lock Apps Change the Face of Locker Room Security

Other advanced features are made possible thanks to smart combination lock app technology. For example, using the management software app that is industry standard for smart combination lock products, allows more control of access. A locker can now be locked or unlocked remotely. This is useful in managing daily access and large-scale access in a facility, something that previously was not an option.

Management can now clearly see which locks are initiated and which ones are not via the app. This feature makes it clear which lockers are being used. Access dates and times can be saved and logged. This allows for a comprehensive set of data that can be used for marketing and budgeting. These advanced lock system apps can even give users access to a lock for an allotted time. For example, a facility can give a user access for three months, and then the system will automatically block access.

Smart Locks Add Style to Facilities

Ojmar smart combination locks are not only more technologically advanced and efficient, but they are also more appealing. When added to a locker room façade, Ojmar locks make a drastic aesthetic difference. Facilities looking for a visually impactful upgrade of locker facilities find updating existing lockers with an electronic combination lock design really makes an impression.

For example, the hi-tech, slim design of the OCS®Smart smart combination lock adds a modernly attractive vibe to any locker room space. This level of advanced technology makes a big impression on users.

Modern Day Design Requires Health-Conscious Products

Ojmar’s OCS®Smart lock isn’t just sleek and classy looking. Its touchpad technology takes into consideration the health and well-being of locker room users. Instead of spreading germs from one lock user to the next, the wipe-clean hygienic touchpad diminishes the spread of germs and the appearance of fingerprints left behind. This model also features moisture, water, and dust-resistant properties.

Smarter Locker Solutions

Ojmar answers the call of facility managers who have long tired of forgotten combinations, lost keys, and theft of valuables from inadequate lock systems. Ojmar’s keyless entry locks offer access control like never before. Long gone are the days of master keys. They’ve been replaced with smart lock apps.

Ojmar lock products offer an array of enticing features that better protect valuables and eliminate virtually every problem associated with traditional combination lock systems.


Featuring the latest generation of touch keypad technology, this attractively sleek lock can be installed new or retrofitted over previous models with a similar versatile non-handed pattern. The non-handled pattern works for left-handed or right-handed users.

Key Features

  • Unrivaled quality, performance, and capabilities
  • Easy-clean hygienic touchpad
  • Advanced management features
  • Low battery and lock status visual indicators
  • Multi-functional E-key that serves as a master key, programming key, audit/events key, and ADA key
  • Durable keypad that doesn’t wear out over time
  • Public or private mode
  • Water/moisture/dust resistant via sealed design
  • Advanced capability with auto lock open, setting expiration date/time, and events/audit track viewing
  • 5.5-year industry-leading battery life

The OTS®Advance is the #1 selling RFID locker lock with thousands of installs worldwide. This minimalist lock offers a dual-user option and features simple, push-button operation.

Key Features

  • Sturdy, heavy-duty design that can be used in wet areas
  • Keyless entry, programmable combination lock
  • Maximum security, sleek, black design
  • Network-free, stand-alone technology
  • Extended battery life with battery status indicator
  • Easy and real-time updating and reading/writing keys

These fully configurable, automatic cloud-based locks feature RFID and BLE technology and remote facility management. This lock offers unrivaled flexibility in terms of function and usability.

Key Features

  • Intelligent maintenance and backups
  • Visual battery and lock status
  • Real-time analytics, events log, and configurable usage reports
  • Keeps configuration after battery change and offline mode capability
  • Network update
  • Knob-located emergency power supply
  • RFID bracelets, cards, and smartphone app capabilities
  • Heat mapping for space optimization
  • API ready
  • Plug and play
  • No wires
  • Exceptional battery life of up to 8 years

Using Bluetooth, this is a revolutionary locker lock that is healthier and more efficient. It features touchless or touchpad operation and is SMART user/maintenance smartphone/device app enabled. This lock has a 5.5-year battery life and offers the option to access settings via the keypad.

Key Features

  • Use your phone to operate and manage locks
  • Advanced management features
  • Unrivaled quality, performance, and capabilities
  • Hygienic wipe-clean keypad
  • OCS retrofit or cable-free installation options
  • Stylish, slim, hi-tech design with a modern feel
  • Low battery indicator via lock and app
  • Emergency override option
  • Lock status indicator
  • Remote access control for authorized personnel
  • Ergonomic design doesn’t prefer left or right-handedness with integrated easy-open or flush-handle option

If your locker room security system needs a makeover, Ojmar is a leader in smart combination lock development. Ojmar products incorporate the newest technology available in the industry. Contact Ojmar for a quote and to learn exactly how we can help you update your locker room. We are committed to providing our customers with a better all-around user experience and a new level of security that actually secures the valuables of locker users.