Coin Locks: The Solution to Protecting Valuables in a Commercial Setting

Coin Locks Are the New Cubbies.

Remember when people used to leave their valuables in cubbies while they went swimming or worked out? Though cubbies were always a tempting target for thieves, they used to be sufficient for some locker rooms and public areas, but that was before everyone carried their lives around with them—in their easily stealable phones. And before electronic key fobs made it easy to pick up a set of keys and find the right car in the parking lot. But there’s an easy solution—one that can even generate revenue. Install coin operated lockers locks.

Coin operated locks require users to insert coins or tokens in order to open the locker. Some models return the coin while others keep it as a locker fee (that’s the revenue generating bit). Coin operated locker locks are especially valuable in public places with high turnover like:

  • Public recreation centers
  • Transportation stations
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Concert venues
  • Water parks
  • Museums
  • Shopping malls
  • Ski resorts 

And more!

Coin operated locks are also a great choice for pay toilets. Though pay toilets have not been commonplace in the US for several decades, coin operated bathroom locks are still widely used in Europe, in the UK, and in some parts of Canada. Pay toilets may also see a resurgence in the US, as some activists support the use of coin operated bathroom locks as a solution to the current dearth of public toilet facilities.

Offer Convenience. Offer Coin Operated Locker Locks.

Convenience is key when it comes to coin operated locker locks. No keys or (or lost keys or forgotten codes) just a coin or token provides quick security for valuables. Coin locks are also durable and resistant to theft. Thieves can’t look over users’ shoulder to see codes, or cut off padlocks.

Ojmar’s coin locks also ensure the availability of lockers. They can be formatted so that users lose their coins if they do not vacate the locker at the appropriate time.

Ojmar 25 cent coin lock return

Ojmar’s Coin Locks Offer Even More.

Of course Ojmar’s LOCKR®Coin locks offer all the convenience of a typical coin operated lock. But when you choose an Ojmar lock you also get:

Enhanced durability. And all of our locks are renowned for their sturdiness and long lives. LOCKR®Coin locks are no different. They are constructed to the highest standards in Europe and made of corrosion resistant materials to ensure wet area compatibility. 

Maximum flexibility: Our coin locks are availablein Collateral mode (where users get their coins back after vacating their lockers locker) or Collection format, where users’ coins are deposited into the attached collection box. 

Ultimate ease of management: Ojmar’s coin operated locker locks are designed with a removable cylinder to relieve management of headaches associated with key loss or theft. They also include a lever that releases jammed coins, and an anti-reservation key to help out in emergency situations (or thwart locker hogs).

Other Ojmar Locking Solutions

Need a different type of lock? Don’t worry, Ojmar covers all your locker locks needs. Consider our other mechanical locks:

  • LOCKR®Card – A step up from coin operated locks, perfect for both wet and dry areas.
  • LOCKR®Hasp – A simple lock used for centuries, with good reason.
  • COMBI®Pro – If combination are your choice, you’ll love this great looking (and locking) combination lock.
  • LOCKR®Cam – This range of locks boats extra security and flexibility.

Our electronic locks warrant a closer look, too:

  • OCS®Smart – Locks don’t get any smarter (or easier for users and management).
  • OCS®Pro – A sleek modern lock with a hygienic, easy-clean touch keypad.
  • OTS®Advance – An RFID lock with maximum flexibility and the best battery life in the industry.

If you’re looking for a lock, you can’t do better than Ojmar. We promise, and we back up our promise with over a century of exceptional customer service. See why Ojmar is considered the maker of the world’s best locks, from coin operated to smart locks. Contact us today.