Save Money

Are Smart Locks Worth It?

Only if you want to save time, streamline lock maintenance, & keep customers happy.

5 ways smart locks save you money…

  1. Smart locks make operating lockers and locker lock maintenance a snap. With no keys or keycards to manage, managers can simply punch in a code or use an ekey to assist users who have lost access to their lockers. No more time wasted finding the master key (and hoping it’s not lost or in some other employee’s pocket) and then trekking to an individual locker. Advanced smart locks that use RFID or Bluetooth technology or are connected to a private network can even be managed remotely.Smart locks also save the time and expense of having to replace lost keys/ keycards. They can even simplify access control by streamlining user profile creation and allowing managers to grant or revoke access from offsite.
  2. They provide data. Knowledge isn’t just power, it’s time and money. Data from smart locks can track locker use, which can help you:
    • Eliminate theft by tracking when the locker was accessed and by whom. 
    • Avoid locker “traffic jams” and otherwise optimize locker efficiency.
    • Gain insight into how your lockers and facilities are being used.
  3. They offer better security (and less liability for you). Lost, misplaced, and/or stolen keys and cards are easily copied. Many smart locks only open with a passcode on the user’s phone, which can be removed by a manager if the phone goes missing.
  4. They keep your customers happy. Smart locks are simple to use and provide an extra level of security for your customers. They also allow management to eliminate locker hogs, so more lockers are available when needed.
  5. They attract new customers. To stay ahead of the competition (especially in upscale environments), your locker rooms need to look up to date, your lockers need to function seamlessly, and your locker locks need to be smart. Luxury locker locks like smart locks reflect your business in the best possible light.

And 5+ ways Ojmar’s OCS®SMART lock saves you even more.

  1. Its batteries last longer. Less battery changing equals fewer batteries to buy and less time spent on locker lock maintenance. Ojmar’s Bluetooth-enabled smart lock saves you time and money replacing batteries with the longest battery life in the industry–up to 5½ years. 
  2. It’s extra agile. As we’ve all learned these past few years, the ability to turn on a dime can support—or even save—a business. The OCS SMART lock can be programmed to suit your business. It:
    • Integrates with most fitness equipment or automatic payment systems.
    • Allows for private or public use. 
    • Tells you who’s using the locker and when. 
    • Offers the ability to mitigate congestion issues during heavy use periods. 
  3. It will stand the test of time. All our locks, including the OCS SMART lock, are designed, manufactured, and assembled by Ojmar using state-of-the-art robotics and our experienced in-house manufacturing team. We’ve been in business for a century. We know how to make products that last.
  4. It comes with the best customer service in the industry. Think about the last time you wasted valuable time trying to get ahold of customer service. Or the last time the advice offered didn’t solve your problem. Or the time when you finally gave up because you didn’t have time to sit on the phone or explain the problem to a chatbot or send a half dozen emails back and forth. Now imagine a friendly knowledgeable professional answering your question in a timely manner. That’s what you’ll get from Ojmar.
  5. It ships quicker. That’s a pretty big deal these days. At Ojmar, we design and manufacture our own locks, which helps us avoid the supply chain disruption plaguing other companies, and helps you avoid wasting time (and money ) waiting for your new locks.

So, are smart locks worth it?

Our customers think so. Ojmar’s luxury door locks— mechanical, electronic, and smart —have a world-class reputation, and for good reason. Learn how the OCS SMART streamlines door lock maintenance and saves you time and money.