No More Locker Hogs
or Lost Keys

Reduce User Error with Ojmar Locks

People aren’t perfect.

People are prone to mistakes. Busy people even more so. Busy people using lockers especially. After all, they’re using lockers because they’re on their way from one place to another. That busyness can make people forget their belongings in a locker—or leave them there on purpose so they won’t have to haul their gym clothes back and forth to the car.

Lost keys to locker locks and forgotten codes are other common issues. It’s easy to get distracted by thoughts of deadlines or how many minutes to do on the treadmill or what to have for dinner and then… “I lost the key to my locker.”

And though we understand why people are prone to errors, it doesn’t mean it’s not annoying. Locker hogs and lost keys are also a huge time suck for managers, which means the issue isn’t just annoying, but costly. Luckily, Ojmar locks are designed to help prevent user error before it happens.

“I lost my locker key.”

We bet you’ve heard that a lot. Or maybe, “I can’t remember my locker combination/code.” Or “I can’t find my locker lock card.” Or if you’re really unlucky, you’ve had this call: “The VP’s locker is locked and we can’t get it open!”

Though we can’t help with holes in pockets or poor memory or “I know my card’s here somewhere…” we can help. In fact, we go one step further. Ojmar locks prevent user error. It’s simple. With Ojmar’s OCS®SMART and OTS®ADVANCE locker locks, the user’s phone is their locker key. It’s also your master key. No one has to remember anything: All they have to do is keep track of their phone. And if a user’s phone dies or runs out of battery, no worries. There’s a backup system, and the manager has the master key.

Ojmar OTS Advance RFID Locker Lock

Stop locker hogs in their tracks.

Locker hogs are tricky animals. Are they forgetful or sneaky? It won’t help to remind people to check their lockers if they’re leaving them full on purpose. It will help to install Ojmar locks.

When using either Ojmar’s OCS®SMART or OTS®ADVANCE locker locks, you can schedule automatic opening times. Set lockers to open at a specific time, like the end of the day, or program them for maximum time usage, which can be especially helpful in intensive multiuser environments like educational settings. No more lockers full and locked when they shouldn’t be. No more locker hogs.

Ojmar Locks = Your User Error Solution

Ojmar locker locks prevent user error simply by design—and that design is of the highest quality. Our 100 years of experience have helped us to solve user error issues, and provide exceptional customer service if any problems do occur. After all, people are prone to mistakes. Luckily, Ojmar can help.