The Secret to Longer Battery Life for Locker Door Locks…

… is not what you think.

Want to reduce battery changes for door locks?

Of course you do.

Frequent battery changes:

Cost you money on batteries. The more batteries you buy, the higher your operating costs.

Take up valuable employee time. Every time an employee needs to change a battery, that’s time and money, plus an interruption to operations. Then there’s the time spent ordering batteries and tracking and receiving shipments. It all adds up.

Annoy your customers. No one wants to wait while management finds and replaces a dead battery—especially not the on-the-go types who use lockers.

Harm the environment. Batteries contain metals that are harmful to human health and/or the environment when improperly disposed of. Recycling is an option but may not always be available. The fewer batteries you use, the fewer have the potential to land in the landfill.

So how can you avoid these battery-related problems? If you do a search for “smart lock battery life,” or “change battery on door lock,” or “reduce battery changes for door locks,” you’ll find answers—but they’re all about batteries. The “expert” advice will tell you to try lithium batteries, or a certain battery brand, or that you’ll have to wait for solar panels if you want good battery life for smart locks (no kidding).

We’re happy to tell you that advice is just plain wrong. You don’t need better batteries. You need better locks.

Ojmar locks last — and so do their batteries.

Quality is built into every Ojmar lock. That quality engineering saves battery energy, which saves battery life, which saves you the time and hassle of changing batteries on battery-operated door locks.

If you want:

The smart lock with the longest battery life in the industry – Choose the Ojmar OCS®SMART. Our Bluetooth-enabled smart lock offers both touchless and touchpad operation—and an extended battery life of up to 5½ years.

A digital lock whose batteries last over 5 years – The OCS®PRO is your solution. You’ll get a high-quality lock with an easy-clean touch keypad, integrated keypad capabilities, the option of additional advanced capabilities and a battery life of up to 5½ years – also the best in the industry!

An RFID lock with a 7+-year battery life – The OTS®ADVANCE is the #1-selling RFID locker lock in the world, and for good reason. It boasts a sleek minimalist design, capabilities that include public and private mode settings and a battery life of more than three times its competitors.

Our locks also tell you when it’s time to change batteries.

It’s just one more feature of our battery-operated locks, and it’s one of our clients’ favorites. No more scrambling for batteries at the last minute or dealing with cranky customers whose lockers won’t open thanks to dead batteries. 

The OCS Smart issues low-battery warnings via apps and indicators on the lock, and includes an emergency override capability.

The OCS Pro offers low battery indicators and emergency override capabilities.

The OTS Advance lock includes visual indicators that identify battery status (and whether the locker is occupied), as well as an NFC stand-alone programmer with the ability to check battery status in real-time.

Change the battery on your door locks less often.

Choose a better lock. Choose Ojmar. 

You’ll be happy you chose one of our locks, whether electronic or mechanical. Our quality extends far beyond battery life, and our customer service is legendary. That’s why we’ve been in business for nearly a century. Discover the difference quality can make.