Quality, Quickly.
That’s Ojmar’s Stock in Trade.

High Quality Locks and No Supply Chain Interruption

You demand quality and speedy delivery. You’ll get it with Ojmar.

Many of today’s products are often, dare we say, cheaply made. It makes sense. Profits are larger when inexpensive components are assembled quickly by machines and people paid low wages. But at Ojmar, we’ve been considering our approach to business for a hundred years, and we think the best way to make a profit is to produce high quality locks that create happy customers, people who will sing our praises to their associates, and use us again and again when they need to upgrade their existing facilities or outfit new ones.

Supply chain disruption is another unfortunate aspect of today’s business environment, and it’s only gotten worse over recent years as the pandemic has caused shipping delays, staff shortages, supply and demand issues, and multi-layered supply chain bottlenecks. Ojmar has certainly felt the effect of the global uncertainty, but
since we design and manufacture our own locks, we’ve been able to lessen the impact of supply chain disruption for our customers, and get them they get the locks they need in a surprisingly speedy manner.

Ojmar locks are made in Europe, with the time-honored quality we’ve been known for since 1919 and the decidedly modern advantage of managing our own supply chain. We’re your lock solution.

High quality, all-metal locker locks

What’s the most secure lock for a locker? One that works. What type of lock reduces management time and frustration? One that works. What kind of lock offers the most customer satisfaction, requires the least maintenance, and makes life easier all around? You get the picture.

Why do locks fail? Though the issue may be blamed on heavy use or a punishing environment, the reason goes deeper. It’s about quality, both in the manufacturing process and in the parts utilized. Many locks are manufactured using plastic components and assembled by machines that can’t recognize quality (or the lack thereof). A high-use educational center or steamy locker room eventually proves too much for them.

Not true for Ojmar locks. Our all-metal locker locks are the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. They’re assembled by hand, by professionals with the attention to detail that only comes with experience and the desire to create an exceptional product. That human touch and all-metal construction ensure that Ojmar locker locks work, work well, and keep working.

No supply chain disruptions.

With all that’s happening in the world today, how is it that Ojmar customers are receiving their locks in such a timely fashion? How can Ojmar quickly ship our mechanical padlockselectronic locks, and locker supplies when other lock companies have lengthy wait times? Because our supply chain leads straight to you.

Most lock companies don’t manufacture their own locks. That adds another step in the supply chain and leaves them vulnerable to interruption. At Ojmar, we’re in charge of design, creation, and distribution, which alleviates the impact of supply chain disruption for us, and allows us to ship our products faster than other locker companies can.

Pristine European Manufacturing = Your Lock Solution

Ojmar high quality locks work, work well, and keep working. They’re delivered quickly, in spite of supply chain disruptions. They’re backed by 100 years of quality and a pride in craftsmanship. We have your lock solution.