RFID Bracelets®


Distinctive bracelets designed for comfortable use including access control, parking, lockers, electronic payment. Features an ergonomic design and multiple functions so that your customers enjoy your facility with total freedom. The RFID tag itself is securely housed inside a tough silicon bracelet to protect it from the elements, water damage, saline environments, and physical wear and tear. Ideal for gyms, spas, or other facilities where mobility and wearability are high priorities, these bracelets are the perfect access control solution in applications where carrying cards or keys would be inadvisable.

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Black, Red, Blue, Green

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Waterproof – RFID tag encased inside a silicon bracelet to protect it from physical and water damage.
Re-writable – Easily assign new Users for the bracelets.
Portable – Perfect for mobile use in facilities such as Gyms and Spas.
Material – Bracelet is Silicon making it durable and easy to wipe clean.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Technology – Works with Mifare Classic technology.
Sizing – One size, it is 70mm x 47mm.
Protection class – IP68.
Operating temperature – -20cº to 70ºc.
Usage – Suitable for use in saline and humid environments.
Memory – 1K.

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