Open & close locks as a master key

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Specifically for the Ojmar OCS®PRO; the optional E-KEY® can be used to open/close the locks as a master key if required or as an ADA key. It also has a cloning feature.

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Key Features & Benefits


4-in-1 key


With the software the E-key can program multiple locks in a row quickly and easily.
4-in-1 key
Can be configured to be used as a Master Key, Programming key, ADA key, and Audit key.
When used as a service key it functions like a master code where it can open and close locks without deleting the current user setting.
When used as a Master Key, it functions like a master code where it can delete the previous users memory for renewed use.

Built-in Bluetooth

Advanced Security

Multiple Modes

Keyless Operation

Sturdy Construction

Advanced Capabilities

ADA Compliant

Wet Area Compatible

Technical Information

CAD Drawings

CAD Drawing

PDF File

CAD Drawing

DWG File