Hyatt | Huntington Beach

  • Spa with Dolphin Fountain
  • Ojmar Silver electronic touchpad locks in spa locker room

About This Project


Hyatt Resort of Huntington Beach reached out to Ojmar after becoming increasingly frustrated with the ongoing issues they were experiencing with the locks on their fitness room locker.  The current digital locks required frequent maintenance due to inconsistent performance, especially in designated wet areas, and shorter than expected battery lives. Their new locks needed to not only solve the current performance issues, but also be able to track guest usage and provide a quick and easy retrofit for their current doors.


  • Longer battery life
  • More durable keypad that did not wear as easy as the current membrane keypad
  • Able to operate successfully and consistently in wet areas
  • Provide a usage audit trail for increased security
  • Ability to open all lockers automatically and simultaneously at end of day to ready for following morning



The Ojmar OCS®PRO digital lock was selected for its attractive design, robust capabilities, easy operation and management and simple retrofit to the existing locker doors. Hyatt Hungington Beach chose the OCS®PRO silver finish to complement the existing wooden lockers. Not only did the new locks provide an appealing upgrade for guests to enjoy, the superb performance and expanded capabilities, coupled with a battery life twice that of the previous locks, provided Hyatt with the reliability and low maintenance it desired for operational efficiency.


Hyatt Resort | Huntington Beach

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Aquatics, Fitness, OCS Pro, Spa & Hospitality